You found our Beehive …

Did you know Bees do not have ears? Instead Bees produce low-frequency sounds with their wings during several of their dances, to add extra information. They can't hear sound in the air, but can hear vibrations through the hive walls, and do communicate in this way.
Luckily for you, we DO have ears and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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Drobneho 52, Brno, Czech Republic, 60200

No matter what the industry, we are people centric and use our unique “be” principles to make improvements, based on a combination of understanding the experience of your customers, and employees.

We help guide you on an individual journey to success
We combine all feedback channels into actionable results
We offer top quality management consultancy with seasoned professionals
We have a long history of supporting businesses through operational and customer transformation

Extensive experience.

We have over 20 years’ service experience, 15 in operational management and 10 spent in contact centres, managing multi-million Euro budgets to managing teams across 15 languages and 50+ nationalities, throughout EMEA & NA/LATAM/APAC markets.


Customer satisfaction

We successfully improved customer satisfaction results from a 30% to 90% level. Whilst increasing the workforce by 2500% within a 2 year period, to meet the demands of the growth in business. Taking them from 42FTE’s to 1000+ across 6 global locations.

Improve and grow

How do you implement improvement or growth plans whilst keeping those that matter happy, yet at the same time balance the maintenance of key performance metrics? We can help! With technology booming and more and more artificial intelligence on the horizon, have you explored the idea of including more tech and AI into your work streams to support you? We can help!
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Key Principles

We have walked the walk and do not wish to be making the same mistakes that a lot of corporations continue to make. This then led to the slogan ‘be what you should be’. We do not want to waste time trying to be what we are not; we are a company built on key principles which have been formulated from essential perspectives:


  • you – the individual


  • them – the customer


  • us – the employer
Why choose Be?
Be what you should Be

Be all ears has been built on trust and knowledge from a combination of first hand successes and learnings. We have listened and are now living by our motto ‘be what you should be’, but what do we mean by that?